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Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project

Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project
Project information
Request number 2009/1
Project name Fuzhou Environmental Improvement Project
Project number Loan No. 2176-PRC
Country People's Republic of China


The Project, a key urban infrastructure initiative of the Fuzhou Municipal Government (FMG), aims to improve the environmental quality and living conditions in the project areas by reducing water pollution and protecting water resources. The Project has three infrastructure components: (i) Component A, expansion of the Yangli sewer networks serving the eastern part of Fuzhou; (ii) Component B, construction of the Lianban sewer network on Nantai Island in the southern part of Fuzhou; and (iii) Component C, rehabilitation of 13 inland creeks for pollution control and flood protection on Nantai Island. The Project also has capacity building components to provide training for project management, waste water management, and private sector participation in municipal services.  FMG is the Executing Agency.  The Fuzhou Water Environmental Construction and Development Company is the agency that takes responsibility for implementing the sewer network component. The Fuzhou Urban Visual Construction and Development Company is responsible for implementing the inland creek rehabilitation component.  The Project was approved by ADB on 29 July 2005 and became effective on 14 September 2006. The ADB loan is scheduled to be closed on 30 June 2012.

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Progress Report

Steps and Milestones Date Remarks and Attachments
1. Filing of request
  Request received by CRP Secretariat with requisite basic information 3 Jun 2009 Request is in Chinese thus some time was spent on translation. Request for compliance review in English, in Chinese [PDF]
2. Registration and acknowledgement of request
  Registration of request 5 Jun 2009  
  Acknowledgement and notice of registration sent to Requesters 5 Jun 2009 Notice of Registration in English, in Chinese [PDF]
  Press advisory on registration of request 9 Jun 2009 Press advisory [PDF]
3. Determination of eligibility of request
  Eligibility of request reviewed by CRP    
  CRP report on its review of eligibility submitted to Board 24 Jun 2009 CRP determines request is eligible and recommends to the Board to authorize compliance review.
  CRP informs Requesters of its decision 24 Jun 2009  
4. Board authorization of compliance review
  Board authorization of compliance review 15 Jul 2009  
  Receipt of Board authorization of compliance review 16 Jul 2009  
  Requesters informed of Board decision 16 Jul 2009  
  CRP report on eligibility and Board decision posted on website 16 Jul 2009 Report on eligibility in English and in Chinese; Board decision [PDF]
5. Conducting the compliance review
  CRP provides Draft TOR to BCRC for clearance 16 Jul 2009  
  BCRC's Clearance of TOR 29 Jul 2009  
  TOR provided to the Board and the Requesters; and posted on website 29 Jul 2009 TOR for Compliance Review in English, in Chinese [PDF]
  Investigation   Draft report completed
6. CRP Draft Report
  Issued and sent to Management and Requesters 13 Aug 2010  
7. Management Response and Requester Response to CRP Draft Report
  Management Response received 10 Sep 2010  
  Requesters Response received 9 Sep 2010  
  CRP Final Report    
  Issued to the Board for final decision 27 Sep 2010  
  Requesters informed of issuance 4 Oct 2010  
  Board's Decision  

  Board Meeting 19 Oct 2010  
  Board's Decision 21 Oct 2010 Board decision in English, in Chinese [PDF]
  CRP Final Report 21 Oct 2010 CRP Final Report in English, in Chinese [PDF]
  Board's Decision & CRP Final Report sent to Requesters 27 Oct 2010