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April - June 2011
CRP Registered Two New Requests for Compliance Review

The Visayas Base-Load Power Development
Project in Naga, Cebu.
The Compliance Review Panel (CRP) received two new requests for compliance review for the Philippines Visayas Base-Load Power Development Project (Loan 2612-PHI) and Kyrgyz CAREC Transport Corridor 1 (Bishkek-Torugart Road) Project 1 [Grant 0123-KGZ].

Loan 2612-PHI: CRP received the request for compliance review on 25 May 2011 and registered it on 2 June 2011. The CRP and the Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) then spoke with one of the requesters’ representative from the Freedom from Debt Coalition – Cebu (FDCC) on 3 June 2011, met with ADB Management and staff on 7 June 2011 as well as with the Executive Director of the borrowing member country, and made a brief visit to the project site in Naga, Cebu on 16 June 2011. During the site visit, CRP and OCRP met the requesters along with FDCC representative and paid a courtesy call to the Cebu provincial government. The CRP and OCRP also met with the project private sponsor on 15 June 2011 and briefed them on the request and the determination of eligibility by CRP. This project is the first private sector investment being investigated for compliance with ADB operational policies and procedures under the Accountability Mechanism (AM). The request for compliance review was found eligible by CRP and on 20 June 2011, its Eligibility Report was submitted to the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision is expected around middle of July.1.

Grant 0123-KGZ: The request for compliance review was received by CRP on 23 May 2011. This request is unique since the requesting parties had invoked their right to request a compliance review while simultaneously pursuing the problem solving function of the AM. After verifying the nature of the request and clarification on keeping the requesters’ identities confidential, the CRP registered the request on 10 June 2011. The CRP and OCRP then held a briefing on the conduct of compliance review with ADB Management and staff on 17 June 2011, met with the Executing Director representing the borrowing member country, and communicated with the requesters’ representative from the NGO Forum of ADB. The CRP submitted to the Board of Directors its Eligibility Report on 29 June 2011 recommending the commencement of the compliance review. The Board is expected to decide on the CRP recommendation before end of July 2011.

1    The compliance review was approved by the Board with effect on 11 July 2011.
Accountability Mechanism Outreach in the Pacific

The AM outreach workshops in Papua New Guinea (PNG), Fiji and Tonga were an experimental pilot, providing many lessons for future workshops. They adopted new approaches including tailoring the program and delivery to the local culture and adopting adult learning and participatory methodologies. Consultants from the University of Sydney conducted the desk and field research and facilitated the workshop sessions.

In total, the workshops in PNG, Fiji and Tonga had approximately 180 participants from NGOs, executing agencies and development partners. The NGO/CSO workshops were well received, with participants providing positive feedback with participant surveys indicating that their understanding of the ADB AM increased as a result of the outreach. Key messages were:

  • Show AM as part of ADB safeguards
  • Include general information about ADB and its role
  • Present AM in context of local problem-solving mechanism
  • Simplify information about the AM

Other suggestions being considered for improving outreach, include:

  • Use of local media
  • Provide funds for NGOs and CSOs to disseminate AM messages
  • Provide continuing outreach support in-country
  • Work more closely with other development agencies to promote accountability
  • Follow-up with workshop participants
  • Extending the AM message beyond those who attended the workshop.

Participants in the outreach in Nuku'alofa. Tonga participatin in a group exercise.
ADB Accountability Mechanism Joined the 8th Annual Meeting of the IAMs

The 8th annual meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) of international financing institutions was held in the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) headquarters in Washington, D.C. on 22-23 June 2011. ADB’s Accountability Mechanism was represented by the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP), Office of the Compliance Review Panel, and Office of the Special Project Facilitator. IDB’s Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism hosted the event attended by principals and practitioners of accountability mechanisms from the various IAMs and from the Extractive Sector Corporate Social Responsibility Counselor of Canada as a special guest.

The participants of the 8th Annual Meeting of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms.

IAM Symposium and Market Place

The annual meeting was followed by a one-day symposium on the Challenges of International Accountability: Lessons from Independent Accountability Mechanisms held at the American University College of Law (AUCL) on 24 June 2011. Participants and speakers of symposium included the IAM members as well as representatives from financial, development, civil society, nongovernment organizations, and academic communities. As part of the Symposium, OCRP co-sponsored (with the World Bank’s Inspection Panel and AUCL) a Market Place, an informal gathering during which the different IAMs showcased and provided information about their respective mechanisms to the Symposium participants.

Speakers and participants during the IAM Symposium.

As part of its collaboration efforts with the other accountability mechanisms, OCRP launched in May-June 2011 another online discussion in IAMnet, a virtual learning network established under Technical Assistance 7349-REG: Piloting a Community of Practice for the IAMs. The topics included key challenges facing the accountability mechanisms, advantages and disadvantages of sequencing the problem solving and compliance review functions, and challenges for effective compliance review site visits. OCRP engaged the services of an accountability mechanism expert who acted as the resource person and facilitated the online forum.

CRP Chair Attended ADB’s 44th Annual Meeting in Hanoi

Rusdian Lubis,
CRP Chair

The Chair of the Compliance Review Panel, Rusdian Lubis, joined the 44th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) held in Hanoi, Vietnam on 3-5 May 2011. The CRP Chair attended meetings organized by the NGO Forum of ADB with the civil society and nongovernmental organizations from various development countries and had the opportunity in one of those meetings to give a presentation about the ADB Accountability Mechanism (AM) and CRP’s contribution in the ongoing review of the AM policy.

CRP Issued its 2010 Annual Report

The Compliance Review Panel issued its 2010 Annual Report. The report highlights the compliance review case and the monitoring activities of the Panel in 2010 as well as the outreach held and publications produced by the Office of the Compliance Review Panel. The CRP annual reports are posted in

BCRC Released its Annual Report 2010

The Board Compliance Review Committee (BCRC) issued its 2010 Annual Report covering its activities from 1 May 2010 to 31 December 2010. During this period, BCRC approved the Compliance Review Panel’s fourth annual monitoring report for the Sri Lanka Southern Transport Development Project and the final (fifth) annual monitoring report for the Pakistan Chashma Right Bank Irrigation Project (Stage III). BCRC also met the two external independent experts engaged by ADB to undertake the review of the Accountability Mechanism. The BCRC’s annual reports are posted in the CRP website (

Incidentally, new members of the BCRC had been appointed effective 1 July 2011 until 30 June 2013


FAREWELL TO BRUCE PURDUE                                                                       

The Compliance Review Panel (CRP), Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP), and friends of Accountability Mechanism (AM) say farewell to Bruce Purdue, Secretary, CRP. Bruce joined OCRP on 12 December 2008 and today, 15 July 2011, he bids us a warm goodbye. He will be missed, especially those by whom who share his passion on accountability, compliance, and good governance (music and his beloved motorcycle are only secondary to him). After managing the OCRP team and counseling the CRP for 2.5 years, we, in OCRP and the CRP are happy seeing him dash forward to a whole new life of blissful retirement and enjoyment. His dedicated works on compliance review, innovative AM outreach, and a community of practice for independent accountability mechanisms among AM practitioners from various IFIs will continue to be the foundation from which all of us will serve in CRP and OCRP.

Wish you all the best Bruce! Have a good time!

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