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About the Compliance Review Panel

The compliance review function of ADB's Accountability Mechanism is done/undertaken by the Compliance Review Panel or CRP. The CRP investigates alleged noncompliance by ADB with its operational policies and procedures that has caused, or is likely to cause, direct and material harm to project-affected people.

Compliance review does not investigate the borrowing country, the executing agency, or the private sector client. The conduct of these parties will be considered only when relevant to the assessment of ADB’s compliance. Compliance review does not provide judicial-type remedies such as injunctions or monetary damages. Relative to the problem solving function of the Accountability Mechanism, a request for compliance review is not an appeal to a higher authority.

Compliance Review Panel

The CRP is a fact-finding body on behalf of the ADB's Board of Directors. The CRP investigates alleged noncompliance by ADB with its operational policies and procedures in designing and implementing ADB-financed projects.

The CRP has three members, one of whom is the chair. The CRP chair works full time and the other two CRP members are part time and are called on when required. Two members are from ADB's regional member countries, with one from a developing member country, and the third member from a nonregional member country.

The CRP does the following:

  • investigate complaints requesting compliance review
  • engage with the various project stakeholders during compliance review
  • coordinate with other multilateral or bilateral compliance review mechanism conducting a separate review of the same project
  • conduct thorough and objective reviews of ADB compliance
  • consult with the complainants, the borrower, the Board member representing the country concerned, Management, and staff on its preliminary findings;
  • issue draft report and seek comments from the complainants, the borrower, the Board Compliance Review Committee, Management, and the operations department concerned;
  • issue final compliance review report to the Board;
  • monitor the implementation of Board’s decisions on compliance review and produce annual monitoring reports
  • prepare and publish Accountability Mechanism annual reports jointly with the Office of the Special Project Facilitator
  • produce a learning report every three years through joint efforts with the Special Project Facilitator, Independent Evaluation Department, and Regional Sustainable and Development Department
  • develop a roster of independent technical experts who can assist the CRP in carrying out its work; and
  • liaise with accountability mechanisms at other institutions.

The CRP chair

  • performs all the functions listed for the CRP;
  • serves as the head of the Office of the Compliance Review Panel and have full responsibility for running the Office;
  • manages the OCRP's personnel, budget, and work program under the oversight of the BCRC, and in accordance with ADB rules and procedures;
  • assigns CRP member(s) who will conduct the compliance review and monitor tasks in consultation with the BCRC;
  • provides regular (e.g., quarterly) briefings to the BCRC;
  • prepares the annual work plan and budget for the CRP and OCRP;
  • engages stakeholders in the compliance review process and ensure that compliance review results are communicated to them and the public;
  • ensures high-quality professional work and set quality standards for OCRP outputs;
  • formulates and implement the CRP’s and OCRP's work program and report activities to the Board
  • provides feedback on CRP members’ performance to the BCRC