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CRP Compliance Review Experts: Invitations for Expressions of Interest

How to Apply

Complete the registration form. Email the completed form to

OCRP will inform applicants when their EOIs are registered in the OCRP Compliance Review Experts.

The Compliance Review Panel (CRP) may require the services of suitably qualified, short-term individual consultants to assist the them during compliance review.

CRP invites experts specializing in the following fields to register in its Compliance Experts database:

  • accountability mechanisms
  • compliance systems, procedures and bodies
  • social development
  • gender and development
  • environment and natural resource management
  • community participation
  • resettlement
  • indigenous peoples
  • energy
  • transport
  • communications
  • agriculture
  • law
  • financial analysis
  • governance
  • economic analysis
  • other related areas of development

Applicants must:

  • be a national of an ADB member country
  • have had relevant work experience for at least 10 years
  • not be related by consanguinity or marriage to a current ADB employee
  • be physically able and willing to travel in any ADB member country